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art day in north hollywood

Art day occurs anywhere or anytime someone wants it to. One simply has to declare the day or the moment "Art Day," and then follow their creative bliss.

Art Day also happens most Saturdays at Poodleville where friends of varying interests, levels and abilities gather to make art and have a grand time in nature. Some choose artistic mediums such as painting, sculpture or photography, (to name a few), while others "kick-it" and soak up the creativity of others, ponder the gardens, or pet the wildlife (poodles). Here, we're free to be you and me.

While mostly an unstructured event for everyone to indulge their own creative passions, guidance, projects and ideas will gladly be offered to anyone who is shy or who has those sabotaging demons rearing their ugly little heads, screaming, "NO! NO! NO! You can't do it! Well, you CAN do it, and you will. Feeling safe is important here, and creativity will be nurtured. Or else.

Well mannered dogs are welcome, especially poodles.

Free your spirit and abandon fear. Dance among devils and create as you’ve only imagined.

Why not?

To find out more about art day click here. OR to find out how you can participate, contact me using the link below.

poodleville art day gardens
poodleville gardens art day
poodleville art day gardens
poodleville art day gardens