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Located in North Hollywood, Poodleville is a uniquely landscaped California native cactus and succulent garden, which will inspire your love for artistic adventures in xeriscaping, sculpture, painting and poodles.

It was created out of the urge to rip out the lawn and replace it with other-worldy cacti and plants that seemingly grow from nothing, thrive on neglect and also make a loud statement, asking little in return. Life doesn't get much better than this. Combine that with the love of poodles and the need for artistic expression, and voila! Poodleville was born.

Poodleville offers a place for art and garden enthusiasts to gather and create art or swap gardening tips and tricks. Everyone is encouraging and friendly. Although some do prefer to create in quiet, it sometimes gets lively with unbridled enthusiasm. Well mannered dogs are welcome, even more so than people.

Free your spirit and abandon fear. Dance among devils and create as you’ve only imagined.

Why not?

To find out more about creating art, xeriscaping or poodling at Poodleville, browse through this website or contact me, Gilda at the link below.

poodleville gardens art day
poodleville art day gardens
poodleville art day gardens