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Poodles are the heart and soul of Poodleville. They enjoy a good joke. They laugh out loud (see Taz at right). They like to bark. People come from near and far to see and feel the poodles. Here, feeding wild animals is encouraged.

Lord Fluffy Noir, III reigned over our hearts and lives for 11 full years. In fact, he was my heart. He ruled with an iron paw, and kept the home safe from potential threats such as the mail carrier, UPS driver and the dreaded 90-year-old woman who lived across the street. Always just, he only pounded those who refused to share with him or worship him in the manner to which he had become accustomed (see photo at lower left).

If Fluffy was my heart, then Taz is my soul. He has lived with Addison's disease for 10 years. His adrenal glands no longer function on their own, but thank Dog for better living through chemistry and a whole, raw-food diet. Because of the help i received for him from faceless people on the internet, I was inspired to join others in starting and maintaining an online support list and 501(c) nonprofit org. dedicated to helping dogs living with Addison's.

Augie arrived via a Rottweiler rescue. He views the world through suspicious eyes. I don't understand him but I love him. I wish he'd stop chewing my stuff.

Zero is not *really* a poodle, and doesn't even like them that much, but he's my hero. If he had a poodle pom on his head, I think he could pass for one.

Dancing Cloud Caesar Blah Blah Blah is a good-time poodle. He believes that life is for living, and if you want to do something, go for it. WHY NOT?

poodleville art day gardens
poodleville art day gardens
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